We end the mutual pallet agreements with the customers, the procurement bargaining to purchase the most suitable pallet and the trouble such as loss of pallet.

Loading or unloading the palletized cargo into the vehicles at the shipment and reception centers is much faster than the bulk transportation. In fact, given that the goods must be palletized to be stored on the warehouse shelves, it reveals how often the wooden pallets are used and how serious they are cost items. As Palex, we end to buy old system pallets and to send them without taking them back again free of charge. Palex gives you one-way pallet rental service per pallet used by you. It allows you to reduce your pallet purchasing costs by 90%.

Pallet Service Centers in Turkey
Dedicated Trucks
Monthly Pallet Movements
Self-Owned Pallet Pool
Weekly Delivery and Collection point

How Does It Work?


Palex has 11 warehouses all over Turkey. The pallet inventorying, repair and order preparation services are provided in these warehouses.


The pallets required by the customers are loaded from the warehouses or other chain warehouses according to the agreement and shipped to the point required by the customer. In this process, the customer service unit works actively to manage the customer relations and needs, and the operations unit works actively to manage transportation operations. The customers load their products on pallets and ship the pallets to the chain store warehouses or dealers.


The pallet collection process starts with the dispatch notification of the customers. After this notification, the Palex field managers and the collection team in the office contact chain the warehouses and dealers to collect pallets.


After the pallets are returned to the warehouse, they are repaired and presented to the supply chain for reuse. The scrap pallets are used as spare parts and recycled into the system and a pallet waste is not created.


Pallet Tracking System

The Pallet Tracking System (PTS) is the software that enables the PALEX customers to track all pallet-related operations and costs through a single web-based system. The PALEX customers can follow the shipping and collection instructions between their desired dates, see the quantities and prices, analyze and examine its performance with PTS. In addition, the users can agree through the scanned approved delivery notes in the month-end agreement.

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