You need more than just a good webpage to sell products online.

After new technology and software enter our life, the trade flow that we are used to is transformed. A significant proportion of sales in certain industries such as fashion and FMCG have shifted from conventional merchandising to online merchandising. It is very important to understand the logistics needs of this sales channel in order to serve e-commerce. Netlog has been a solution partner for the world’s most known brands in the e-commerce logistics since 2014. We use the know-how that we have gained from our national and international customers, who are active in many industries, and the most advanced logistics infrastructure of the industry to grow your business in the virtual market.

Our Integrated Software

The Netlog warehouse management system works in integration with all market places and cargo companies. Thus, you can launch your products to the world very quickly with a very fast integration with you.

Common inventory management (Off-line and online)

By using the Netlog warehouse management system, you can manage your store and internet sales from your inventories in the same location through a common inventory tracking mechanism. Thus, you do not have to determine separate inventories for your store or online sales, and the products are automatically deducted from your inventories according to the sales density, and it submits you any serious facilities in production and sales planning.

The integration between Netlog’s own systems and our systems by Netlog’s own team enables our operations to start very quickly. Furthermore, the warehouse management systems used by it supported our rapidly growing volume and requirements. It worked without collapse even during the peak seasons. – Nilgün Canan – CEO

E-Fulfillment Centers

The Netlog E-fulfillment centers are warehouses designed to meet all value-added service requirements of companies that sell their products online. They deliver the goods regularly from these warehouses, where the goods of many companies that the same sales channel are stored, to all market places and courier companies.

Where Are Our Warehouses

Pick & Pack Operations

We make the orders coming from the market places or your own website ready for cargo delivery on your behalf in the fastest, correct and undamaged manner. Since we do the works of many companies like you in these centers, we reduce your costs by minimizing the dedicated personnel and area occupancy costs. Above all, we give you guarantee deadlines for your products to be collected, packaged and shipped.

How do we manage the peak seasons?

A good e-commerce logistics company shows its difference with its performance on the rush campaign days such as Black Friday. Today, it is essential that every ring of the technology, collection and packaging and distribution chain works together in harmony. Here, Netlog shows its difference in this whole chain.

Our technology processes large amounts of incoming data quickly and without any problems in instant order bursts.

We have an HR system that can provide the qualified manpower required for collection and packaging of the products in the quickest fastest way.

We serve you both with our foreign and our own courier company to distribute the packaged products without delay.

B2C Home Delivery

It is very important that the online orders are delivered to the customer in the quickest way. Netlog in your products as well as our other courier partners in Turkey. As Netlog, we deliver your products everywhere in Turkey through both our Netkargo trademark and our other courier partners.

Dedicated Distribution

In certain product categories and customer demands, we display the brand awareness of our customers by making the home deliveries of our customers by our dedicated vehicles and with our employees in the corporate identity of our customers.

Return Management

Return management is a very important work in the online sales. The operations such as management of the return process of the returned products, detection of the counterfeit products, preparation and reselling of the products must be carried out very quickly and properly. Netlog is a company with serious experience in this field.