Netlog, Turkey’s largest logistics company, offers you much more than logistical support. Netlog offers any logistics and product procurement services as an integrated service under the Global logistics trademark.

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Temperature Controlled Commercial Fleets
Different Products
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It offers 6 main services to its customers by using the international logistics and financial power of Global Netlog.


Thanks to its logistics capabilities and wide sales network, Anele is a distributor preferred by some of the world’s largest trademarks.


Anele is a service provider, which serves 180 restaurants daily and is preferred by the best restaurants and cafes in Turkey.

Vessel Supply

Anele is known for its shipyard heritage offering affordable, high-quality food and non-food products from its consolidation plant in the Izmir free zone.


Anele works with all major airlines that support both food products and flight service packages.

Retail Business

Anele is the largest Gas Station support company in Turkey and supplies the goods in a controlled way to more than 350 stations daily.


Anele works with the largest retail stores in Turkey to provide a turnkey product supply and import solution.


Let us do
the hard work.

As a global supply chain, our main purpose is ensure that all our customers take advantage of development opportunities for any service and sales opportunities in their field.

Service Channels

It is an end-to-end supply chain company that uses strong infrastructure, group synergy, experienced team and experience to provide efficiency and desired service for customer groups in the different sales channels with the global, special projects and solutions.

Always more forward with strong information technology support…

With a special and easily accessible web interface designed for all our customers, we enable them to see their product inventories, create orders through the system, track campaigns, and follow the whole process with our professional and user-friendly system. Moreover, any details such as invoicing, current account tracking and payment options are also available through our interface called Kurenet.

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