At any moment in the most ideal regimen, in the most hygienic condition …

We never compromise on food safety, which is our most important criterion. We know very well how sensitive the temperature controlled storage is in terms of human health. Food, beverage or food raw materials… With our PolarXP trademark, we support you to move your business forward with our largest temperature controlled storage infrastructure and knowledge that may give the most correct answer to requirement of your products as a local manufacturer or a food retailer.

26 Temperature Controlled WarehouseIn 21 cities in Turkey, 26 pieces of temperature-controlled warehouse
80,000 Pallet 80,000 pallet capacity for cool, cold, frozen storage
24Türkiye nüfusunun tamamına 24 saatte ulaşabilecek depo ağı
+1,000 Temperature controlled storage customer
150,000 SKU 150,000 SKUs always monitored in 4 heat regimes
360,000 Package FIFO and FEFO management of 360.000 package movements per day in 4 heat regimes

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Our Storage and Delivery Infrastructure?

Fast transportation is now very easy with our main delivery lines, which enables to reach 81 cities of Turkey, and our delivery and transfer centers!


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