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As the largest service provider in Turkey, we offer any specific solutions for any different industries and customer requirements in the storage services. We manage the supply chain and storage operations of every business that works with us, whether easy or difficult, and whether small or large, with great seriousness and responsibility. To reduce your costs, we combine our sectoral knowledge with the leading technologies and offer the most efficient and quality storage service possibly in the use of space, resources and labor, because our job is to make your job easier.

72 General cargo storage center
1,200,000 m2 Closed storage area
9,600,000 m3 Storage capacity
+1,000,000 SKU type in instant stock
+1,000,000,000 The number of parcels handled in FIFO and FEFO standards in 1 year
+1,000 Warehouse customers

General Cargo Storage Services

General Cargo / Free Storage

We carry out all de-consolidation, quality control, storage, inventory management and shipment preparation processes for you, beginning from unloading of the goods in our warehouses with the fire equipment, high shelves and information technology systems.


All inventory management of your products is entrusted to us and our smart warehouse management system. Our team, which manages the inventory of millions of different types of products (SKUs) in accordance with the FIFO and FEFO standards, works in harmony with your purchasing and ordering routine.

Value Added Services

The value-added services meet the needs of our customers while they optimize the working speed of their supply chain. As Netlog, we provide any specific value added services for your business under the same roof in our warehouses.

General Cargo Storage Type

General Cargo /
Palletized Storage

Cross Docking /
Platform Management

Suitable Storage




Types of Warehouse Management

We offer a warehouse management system that meets your needs. All of the storage methods offered by us are shaped according to your needs. Just share your needs with us.


If you wish, let’s carry out your entire supply chain management in a warehouse that is only used by you and designed specifically for your needs. The customer specific dedicated storage is the ideal solution for the companies that need high volume inventory and do not prefer to keep their products outdoors.


If you need a dedicated storage space, but your products do not fill a full warehouse, you can take advantage of our multi-user dedicated storage solutions. With this solution, we store your products in the dedicated area allocated by us for you, and we guarantee the location of your products in the warehouse at all times.


We scale our warehouses so that you can only use them on a project basis for the period required by us. In our warehouse, which is suitable for you, we charge as much as the space you use within the size and time as you need daily, and we store your shipments.

Our Omni-Channel
Delivery System

DWe deliver your stored products to your customers with the same professionalism. Netlog is the true owner of the largest distribution network in Turkey. With our distribution fleet consisting of thousands of vehicles, our transfer centers spread to 21 most strategic cities in Turkey, and our superior transport management system (TMS) we manage all store, distributor and home deliveries of your products at one point.

With our unique Omni-Channel distribution infrastructure, we offer both the fastest and the safest and the most cost-effective delivery solution.

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