Netlog is the owner of Intercombi, one of the biggest international land transport companies in Turkey

With its 700 international self-owned vehicles and hundreds of suppliers, Intercombi, which was founded in 2003, deals with complete and partial cargo transportation business from Turkey to 39 European, Middle Asia and Middle East countries and from these countries to Turkey. Intercombi, which operates under the Netlog international transportation unit, İntercombi, plays an important role in Netlog to give its customers any turnkey transportation services.

EIt offers ideal and sustainable international transportation solutions for cargos in all sizes to 45 countries in the EMEA region.

35 years International road transport experience
+500,000 tonsInternational trailer load transported in 2020
39 country We deliver your products quickly by road
+10,000 Supplier fleet park
+250 Expert business partner

Our Land Transportation Services

Complete Transportation

With our complete transportation solution, the truck that is suitable for your needs only delivers your cargo to the destinations designated you. If your cargo has a volume to fill a truck, our private vehicle will take your cargo from the addresses as you desire and deliver it to the points as you desire. Your shipment will arrive safely at its destination.

Partial Transportation

If your cargo does not require a complete vehicle, you can share our vehicle with the cargos of our other customers, which go to the same destinations. Our experienced employees use our advanced shipment planning applications and bring similar cargoes together to offer you the lowest cost solutions, taking into account our partial transports on our scheduled routes.

Project Cargo

Netlog is an experienced transportation company that provides special shipping services for heavy and large cargos as well as large-volume exwork project shipments. The vehicle park suitable for this type of transportation is at your disposal with its experienced team managing these works and with the route information.

Where are we going?

We established a transportation bridge from Turkey to 39 countries and from 39 countries to Turkey for you.

You can reach everywhere that can be reached by road via Netlog. We deliver your products to over 39 countries in the region with our large vehicle park and thousands of our suppliers. In addition, we offer you all the transportation services that you may need in these regions.

What are we carrying?

Our Transport Speeds

Is time or budget more important to you? Or both of them? Regardless of your answer, the solution is at Intercombi. With Intercombi, we promise you a just-in-time delivery with the flexible and rich options for all your transportation needs.

How can we help you?

We can guide you step by step to discover how to solve your logistics requirements.