We make the life easier for you with the value added services offered by us at every stage of your maritime operations. With the support of our expert business partners, with whom we have established deep-rooted relationships in global container transportation, we guarantee the space allocation even in the busiest trade lines. We follow all services from taking the containers from the port to the other loading or unloading addresses and to organization of the customs clearance services.

39 years 39 years of experience in global container transportation
+35,000 Transported TEU in 2019
410 Office in over 100 countries worldwide

Our Solutions

Consolidation Services

As Netlog Global Forwarding, we carry out any export and import consolidation operations that your products may almost need for you. We receive your products from different suppliers and keep them ready for loading at NGF or the consolidation centers of our business partners around the world. We intend to load your products during shipment and also prepare all necessary documents for you. You just have to enjoy this convenience! It is up to you to enjoy this convenience!

PO (Purchase Order) Management

Thanks to our Purchase Order Management System that we have developed to deliver the products that you have supplied from different suppliers safely to the destinations designated by you, you can follow your shipments since the production stage on the order number. Therefore, you can be sure that your products are placed in the right containers and are transported on the right route, and you can manage the sales and procurement procedures in the supply chain. Through our Purchase Order Management System, all your shipments are at your fingertips for 7 days 24 hours.

Additional Services

  • Customs Clearance Services In the Loading Country
  • Customs Clearance Services In the Designation Country
  • Cargo Collection In the Designation Country
  • Quality Control Services
  • Product Certification and Testing
  • Value Added Services
  • Bounded Storage
  • Cargo Insurance

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