Your vehicle, your rules, your route…

Chain markets, retail and fashion brands, food manufacturers or companies marketing industrial products… Do you need a project-based fleet and a driver staff? We make a difference in the field of dedicated transportation through our own vehicles and subcontractor network that carry out local and national product collection, transportation and urban delivery organizations of our customers from every industry.

Daily +800 Dedicated vehicle management
Human resource advantage that reduces operational burden
Opportunity to invest in your main business by preventing the use of capital
Customer-tailored distribution system
Netlog vehicle park that can instantly respond to demand increases
Fleet supply solutions for your projects and needs
Delivery guarantee on the day and time you want

Milk-Run Optimization

We have a plan that will give you both cost and time advantages. Through our Milk-Run system, we facilitate the logistics operations, which are extremely important in terms of time and cost for the food, retail, retail and automotive industries.

We have a plan that will give you both cost and time advantages

With Milk-Run, we develop the delivery model required by your business, plant, freight and even your customers We ensure that your products are loaded on an hourly basis from the collection points, the loading vehicles are charged with less Km in the most efficient way and reach the delivery point at the desired time. We plan delivery of the products shipped from the manufacturers to the plants periodically according to the workflow and manufacturing schedule of both parties.

Advantage of the Dedicated Transportation

We set out for you and offer special advantages that solve your business:

  • Vehicle route management and optimization
  • No need for vehicle and equipment investment
  • Reserve and extra fleet opportunity during the peak periods
  • Professional fleet management and coordination
  • Scheduled goods collection, storage and shipment
  • Closed circuit driver and fully equipped rig pool
  • 24/7 customer support center
  • Product and vehicle tracking systems

Fleet Supply Services

How would you buy your fleet? We make a difference with our fleet procurement team, which analyzes the demands and needs of all businesses that do not choose to invest in vehicles, and determines the drivers, vehicles or equipment suitable for their business models.

Do you need a fleet?

Whether we design the most suitable transportation system for your business and manage the entire system with the cooperation of our 20,000 suppliers, or we make and manage the value-added fleet investment specially designed for your business, or we just rent vehicles as much as you want … Regardless your expectation, you can find a fleet the supply solution suitable for your business absolutely with us.

Did you know that we have a separate company for the rental service of the vehicles required by you?

Netlog has established a separate business unit under the NetFilo trademark to find any solutions for the vehicle investment needs of its customers. Thanks to the infrastructure information technology developed specially by NetFilo for the fleet leasing operations and through its service points spread to every corner of Turkey, NetFilo does not only supply the vehicles and equipment hired by its customers, but also provides after-sales support services for these vehicles.


How can we help you?

We can guide you step by step to discover how to solve your logistics requirements.