We manage all the logistics operations required by you from procurement to the shelves of your markets in the fastest and most efficient way. In short, we make your business easier.

We manage the logistics process management of your trademark either from your warehouses or from our own warehouse on behalf of your trademark. We ensure that the products sold by you in your stores are brought to the warehouses established as the control and acceptance centers, and the quality controls are carried out according to the working procedures (SOP) designed by us together with you, and the products are collected and consolidated on the store basis according to the orders coming from you, and delivered to your markets/stores by vehicle or multiple routing model.

Customers Served By Us


National and Local Chains


Groceries and Buffets




Gas Stations


  • A direct goods collection connection with 1600 food producers
  • The largest general and temperature controlled storage and delivery infrastructure in Turkey
  • A direct store delivery without the need for a central warehouse
  • Warehouse, cross-dock and inventory management
  • In-store transportation solutions
  • E-commerce management, in-store product collection and packaging
  • Home order delivery management (by the conventional/electric vehicles)
  • Promotional product preparation
  • In-store merchandising operations
  • Pallet movement management
  • Return product management

We offer you all the services that the food industry may need at one point.

Netlog’s Approach and Experience

We are available to understand the different needs of each customer, to manage their expectations and to offer the most correct solution designed only for them.

1 We realize the model

We realize the business model of our customers.

Although we offer different solutions for many sectors, we understand the position, approach and vision of our customers in their industry and design systems that reflect this perspective.

2 We understand the system

We clearly understand the existing logistics organization of our customers.

Before we the business model of our customer, we examine the existing logistics operation structure thoroughly and reveal the advantages and disadvantages in the process.

3 We know the priorities

We know the priorities of our customers.

Even the logistics needs of two trademarks operating in the same industry can be very different. Therefore, we take care to understand the priorities of each of our customers. We build our logistics and supply chain management solutions for our customers on such foundations.

4 We share the solutions

We share the tailor-made solutions with our customers.

By blending our extensive experience and knowledge that we have gained from many different industries over the years with our specialized staff, we offer special offers for the needs of each of our customers.

  • Supply Chain Design
  • Project Time Schedule
  • Service Fee Proposal
5 We are completely transparent

We communicate openly and properly with our customers at the proposal phase.

We aim to establish a long-term cooperation with all our customers. At the project proposal phase, we give our customers the necessary time and support to evaluate the proposal in depth. Thus, we prevent all misunderstandings that may exist at the beginning of the project.

  • Standard Business Management Analysis
  • Key Performance Indicator (KPI) Session
  • Evaluation and Submission of the Contract Conditions for Signature
  • Assignment of the Project Manager and Customer Management Team
  • Order Management of the Warehouse Equipment
  • Personnel Recruitment and Training
  • Integration with the Customer Systems and Technologies
  • Installation of the Warehouse Systems and Testing Process
  • Takeover of the First Shipment
6 We improve permanently

Even after we have handed over a completed or implemented project to the warehouse management team, we continue to monitor the process and conduct the tests to make sure that everything is done in the most efficient way.

  • Customer Portal Setup
  • Supervision
  • Management of Key Performance Indicators (KPI)
  • Personnel Management
  • Budget and Savings

How can we help you?

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