We see ourselves as a long-lasting plane tree that takes root deeply and makes serious investments in its foundations.

We have worked hard and made great investments since the first day, when we were founded. We had a very short time in Turkey’s largest logistics company. But throughout this whole process, we have always kept our feet firmly on the ground. We have taken this place, which is the peak for many companies, as a solid foundation. Because we see ourselves as a plane tree that makes serious investments in the ground, namely, in its foundation, instead of a poplar tree that grows rapidly and disappears quickly. We endeavor to establish a long-lasting and firmly grounded structure like a plane tree.

Sustainability at Netlog

In addition to the financial gains provided by us, we are obliged to be beneficial to our employees, humanity and nature, in short, to create any added values for our entire environment.

Financial Sustainability

Financial Sustainability

Financial Sustainability is of great importance for our partners, customers, employees, suppliers and our country. As Netlog Logistics, we take the necessary measures to ensure our Financial Sustainability with this awareness.

  • We prepare for the future competition and make the necessary investments by working on new business models that will shape the future of the industry.
  • We listen to our customers, analyze the direction of their industries and determine the strategies.
  • We endeavor to achieve the highest quality/cost ratio in the services provided by us.
  • We endeavor to produce any value-added services that our competitors cannot replicate and are difficult to imitate.
  • We apply a transparent, open and sharing management model in order to maintain a long-term relationship with our customers, employees and suppliers.

Domestic Product Preference

Netlog purchases several million TL of goods every year. We make sure that the products purchased by us are domestic as much as possible. Even if the internal parts of the products are imported, we the value-added services and products provided, manufactured or assembled in Turkey. If their quality is suitable, we support the Turkish economy and production power by giving priority to the domestic products as expected from a company with 100% Turkish capital.

Local Labor

When we invest in a region as a company, we take care to employ the people of that region and invest in the local people. We highlight Turkish executives in our overseas projects, offices and companies, enabling them to gain experience in global competition. In doing so, we endeavor to contribute to the people of that country culturally and educationally.

Equal Right To Work

The female employees in Netlog Logistics companies have the right to work under equal conditions as the male employees. At Netlog, our female employees can work just like our male employees, as office personnel, warehouse service officers or even as inner-city delivery drivers.

Incentive for Education

As Netlog Logistics, with the awareness of social responsibility, we continue to support “education, society and the environment” permanently. We select all our colleagues carefully, and we allow the teams to gain expertise to through continuous training.

Financial Values Created By Us

Financial Values Created By Us

Employment Created By Us

Of 11,000 employees, 7,000 Netlog employees reside in Turkey. Given that an average family consists of 4 people, Netlog touches 28,000 people. Together with its subcontractors and suppliers, this figure reaches 100,000 people.

Direct and Indirect Tax

Netlog and its group companies paid a tax of 1 billion TL to our government such as vehicle purchase tax, fuel consumption, property tax, SSI, etc., and contributed to the development of our country.

Service Export

Netlog entered among Turkey’s top 10 companies in the service export 2016, 2017 2018 and has obtained a foreign currency income of around 1.2 billion USD in total in our country.

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental Sustainability

In the scope of environmental sustainability, we make a great effort to protect and use our natural resources more efficiently. We apply the environmental policy we have created in every field.

  • We make environmental awareness on a philosophy of life by providing environmental training to all of our employees from the senior management to the lowest unit.
  • We take environmental issues into accounts in all investment and procurement decisions.
  • We ensure that wastes are reduced at its source, and recycled as much as possible, and that any non-recyclable wastes are disposed of without harming the environment with the most appropriate technologies.
  • We continue our activities as a company that attaches importance to environmental awareness with efforts to reduce energy use.
  • We reduce the amount of carbon gas emitted to nature by investing in new technology tools.
  • We use alternative transportation ways that are less harmful to nature.
  • We endeavor to continue our activities with a sustainable development approach and leave a livable world to future generations.
Environmental Values Created By Us

Environmental Values Created By Us

Waste Battery Management

The waste batteries are collected and delivered in separate boxes. The scrapped batteries are delivered to Marmara Bandak, the carrier certified by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry for recycling. Around 380 batteries are recycled annually.

Waste Tire Management

The tires of our vehicles used in transportation are coated and thus they can be used again efficiently. Any unusable tires are sent to LASDER by carriers certified by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry and evaluated here. Upon recycling of the scrap tires, the new products are obtained and energy can be obtained by burning at high temperatures. An average of 1000 tires yearly are scrapped and recycled.

Electricity Saving

With the savings efforts, the savings lamps and fluorescents are used in the warehouses and offices, and the offices is designed to get the highest efficiency from solar energy, and the filters are used to prevent the diffraction of sunlight in the warehouses, and our employees are educated about electricity consumption and raising awareness.

Paper Saving

Any unusable waste papers are collected separately at the source in all our units, and it is endeavored to prevent any additional costs and labor losses for recycling. 40% of the used paper is saved by providing double-sided use and by giving the companies for recycling as waste paper. Upon recycling of around 10,350Kg paper annually, 130 trees were prevented from being cut down and 800m² forestland was prevented from being wasted.

Alternative Transportation Routes

The fuel prices required at most by the transportation industry increases every day, and the difficulties of finding any drivers who want to drive long distances, and the air and noise pollution caused by these vehicles increase day by day. Where the alternative transportation routes are used, labor savings can be achieved by ½ in proportion to the distance of the transportation location. Likewise, the amount of carbon released into the air is reduced by 1/4, and 1/10 in some cases. Therefore, the solutions on the alternative transportation routes are of great importance for the future of the transportation industry.

Organizational Goals

Our goal is to contribute to every member of our team, our customers and the world. Therefore:

  1. We will be a company that stands out thanks to our ethical, transparent and sharing approach and is preferred by customers, employees and suppliers, and which maximizes its quality and service standards.
  2. We will contribute to the growth planned by our country, thanks to the social conditions provided by us, new job opportunities and economic growth. We will play a role in improving the living conditions of people by benefiting the environment we live in and will play a role in continuation of economic development.
  3. 3. We will ensure that our relationships with our business partners are long-lasting and we will grow with them.
  4. 4. We will comply with the laws and give importance to human health in all our works. We will take all necessary measures to prevent our employees from working accidents, and we will ensure that such problems do not endanger our business.
  5. 5. We will minimize the damage we cause to the environment in our works, and we will ensure our employees to work more motivated by creating a peaceful, clean and healthy work environment. We will do our best to leave an environment where future generations can benefit from the world as much as we do.