Netlog Logistics Manages the Whole Supply Process of SHELL Markets!


Netlog Logistics signed a new business agreement to carry out the entire supply process of the markets in fuel stations on behalf of SHELL, one of the world’s leading energy companies.

After a long-time preliminary study, the procurement process of the markets operated by the Shell petrol station in Turkey is carried out now by Netlog Logistics in the project commissioned in August 2014.

Supply, storage, deliver, return and collection operations of the products of the gas stations of SHELL with 1,000 gas stations across Turkey operating in the major cities, such as Istanbul, Ankara, Bursa, Izmir, Samsun, Gaziantep, Antalya, etc., which are sold in the gas stat of products sold in the gas stations operated by them, are carried out by Netlog Logistics.

“This project called “NetShell”, developed between SHELL and Netlog Logistics, includes online data transfer, daily requirement forecasting, order suggestions accordingly, and order tracking over the web..”

Regarding the project, Mr. Uygar USAR, General Manager of Domestic Transport and Delivery of Netlog Logistics Group, said “When we started this project with Shell was a first project in Turkey. The whole IT infrastructure, distribution infrastructure and storage infrastructure of the project were completed and commissioned.”

Mr. USAR stated that Netlog Logistics handles the supply of any product from the supply, storage and delivery of any product to the markets according to market needs and the entire return process by themselves as Netlog Logistics for SHELL, and said “Over 1000 items of goods are sold at a fuel station. In this project, Netlog Logistics makes the shipment of all markets at onepoint and delivers the products in a way that reduces the workload of the accounting in the markets and the headquarters. Thus, Netlog Logistics performs the third party logistics storage and distribution business.

“In the first stage, a pilot study was started with selected markets. Around 50 stations were included in this system in a short time..”

This project, which is unique for procurement, automatic inventory replenishment, creating orders by the software, and entering the interfaces in Turkey, is commissioned in all of its own stations immediately. SHELL aims to increase the number of stations to enter the system, and to reach 100 markets in the first phase.

“SHELL and Netlog Logistics will bring into action first time the system applied in Europe in Turkey.”

Mr. USAR explained that they developed the system according to SHELL’s needs and the infrastructure of Netlog Logistics by examining the similar models and operation principles in the preparation period of the project, and said that almost all of supplies of the gas station markets in Europe were carried out by the logistics and delivery companies.

Mr. USAR emphasized that the inventory and order management of SHELL station markets will be controlled from a single hand and listed the advantages of the project, and added “The entire system can be a useful and active system that checked by only one supplier, instead of dealing separately with each supplier, all inventory tracking may immediately, and any incomplete goods can be detected immediately and any procurement problems can be prevented lanışlı in this project, and the stations will save a great deal of time, labor and labor, return and damage, loss and leakage, and will bring great convenience for legal entities in measurability and traceability. in the middle and long term in this project”