Netlog Logistics is First in the Digital Transformation Industry


The theme of the “Platinum Global 100 Index”, which Platinum journal conducts in cooperation with Ipsos, has been determined as “digitalization” this year. At the Platinum Global 100 Awards Ceremony, Netlog Logistics was awarded the “Logistics Industry Digitalization Award”.

Mr. Ahmet Burak Daglioglu President of the Presidential Investment Office, speaking here, reminded that the theme of the 2020 awards is digitalization, and said “Although digitalization is a rising trend in the 21st century, it has gained a separate momentum due to pandemic conditions.”

Mr. Daglioglu noted that the organizations that invested in digitalization and achieved this transformation left their competitors behind, and add “We all experience that this transformation has accelerated during the pandemic process we are going through and that competition in digitalization has increased.”

Mr. Daglioglu pointed out that digitalization is critical for countries, and added:

“When the digitalization is the case, the competition between the countries is more critical than the competition between the companies and institutions in this area. As all relevant stakeholders in Turkey, under the leadership of our President, we are working with all our energy to ensure that our country is in the position that it deserves in global competition companies and institutions carries compete more critical between countries beyond the competition in this area. We act by knowing that the international direct investments are one of the fundamental dynamics of sustainable development. When we look at the benefits of international investments, we can list them as providing capital inflows to our country, creating employment in our country, increasing Turkey’s exports by positioning itself as a regional production center, etc. In addition to all these substances, perhaps the most important benefit is the provision of technology transfer.”