Netlog asked its drivers and bought 150 Renault T480 trucks.


Renault Trucks fleet made its first delivery of the year to Netlog, Turkey’s logistics giant. Mr. Gokalp Cak, Deputy Chairman of Netlog’s Board of Directors, said “Drivers’ opinions are valuable for us. In addition to the company criteria, we invested by listening to them.”

Netlog Logistics, which has brought the bar to the top in the Turkish logistics industry with its successful works in recent years, and Renault Trucks, which has left its mark in the last 3 years with its renewed management team, came together at the first and largest delivery of the year. The delivery ceremony, in which Renault Trucks’s World President Bruno Blin participated, was held with the participation of a large press.

Mr. Bruno Blin, President of Renault Trucks World, Mr. Sebastien Delepine, President of Renault Trucks Turkey, Mr. Omer Bursalioglu, Sales Director of Renault Trucks Turkey, Mr. Sahap Cak, President of Netlog Logistics, Mr. Gokalp Cak, Vice Chairman of Netlog Logistics, and Mrs. Olcay Sunucu, Head of Commercial Operations of Netlog Logistics, attended the vehicle purchase delivery ceremony between Renault Trucks and Netlog Logistics.

“We produce vehicles that can stay on the roads for a long time”

Mr. Bruno Blin, Renault Trucks world President, stated that Renault Trucks Turkey completed the year 2019 very well and entered the year 2020 fast. Mr. Blin, who stated that it is very important that they start the year with a large sale of 150 units, said that such sales were also satisfactory for them as a giant company such as Netlog. “It is very important for us to develop long-term collaborations with our business partners. We are very confident in our products, which are technologically high. Our most important focus is to reduce our customers’ total purchasing costs and our high quality products. Our biggest goal is to contribute to our customers’ success. Fuel consumption, the best possible maintenance costs and vehicles need to stay on the road for the longest time, and we endeavor to make it continuous,” Blin said, addressing that their goal is to increase the success of their customers.

Largest Renault T 480 fleet at Netlog

Mr. Sebastian Delepine, President of Renault Trucks Turkey, also said “Netlog was the company we did the first delivery of Euro 6. With this sale of 150 units, we reached the number of 250 vehicles in Netlog. With this number, Netlog has received the title “the company having the largest T-480 fleet in Turkey. The success of our vehicles and our products are accepted in Turkey. Our T-range was the best sold imported tow truck in 2019. Renault Trucks, on the other hand, achieved the title of the brand with the fastest growth in its market share in 3 years.”

“It met the company’s criteria. We also asked our drivers and chose Renault.”

Mr. Gokalp Cak, Deputy Chairman of the Board of Directors of Netlog Logistics, said that their vehicle fleets were growing permanently and they evaluated many factors when they invested in vehicles. Mr. Cak said, “What the drivers think is very important. It is not important to buy a vehicle at the most affordable cost, but the vehicle that both the company and the drivers are happy with. It is a trademark preferred by both our Renault Trucks drivers and our business.”

Mr. Gokalp Cak stated that there were a total of 4 thousand vehicles in their fleet, and in his assessment made by him last year, he communicated the following information: “2019 was not a good year for Turkey. But, the important thing is is how you use the vessel in the rough seas. We had a good year last year. Our difference is that 50 percent of our income comes from abroad. Therefore, the currency fluctuation did not affect us much. Many sectors have contracted, but this will not be permanent. It will continue like this for a while, but we are not a company that plays today and year after year. Our investments are for the future.”

“We chose one of the world’s leading trademarks”

Mr. Sahap Cak stated that Renault had a DNA since the 1950s, and said: “Our goals are clear, and our trust in our people and our country is complete. We preferred one of the world’s leading trademarks. 3 parameters stood out in our preference. The first is that our drivers are happy with our product, and the second is the price and the other is fuel consumption. Renault Trucks is a proven trademark.”

“Renault Trucks is now our biggest partner.”

Mrs. Olcay Sunucu, Head of commercial operations at Netlog Logistics, said that Netlog Logistics is one of the locomotive companies that have grown permanently since its establishment, and added “we manage 6 thousand trucks a day. Our business involves not only logistics and transportation. we have become the largest service provider in Turkey from supply chain management to e-commerce management. During this period, when we made our first investment in 2020, we thank Renault Trucks for its support, positive approach and timely delivery. Although the year 2019 may seem like a turbulent period, we never lost our belief in adding a value to our business and partners. With the number of vehicles reaching 250 units, Renault Trucks reached the position of the largest partner of our company.”