Group Profile

With its 12 trademarks, Netlog Logistics, which provides any integrated logistics services in many different industries since 2004, when it was founded, is the largest logistics company in Turkey. In 2012, Netlog achieved the success of being the fastest growing company in Turkey in ranking of all industries in last 8 years. Today, Netlog continues to offer its customers unique services and solutions that will provide a competitive advantage.

Netlog Logistics, which has 104 warehouses and an indoor storage area of over 1.2 million m2 in Turkey (66), America (1), Middle East (2), Faar East (2) and Europe (33), also provides the transportation services with its own fleet of 4,000 vehicles and over 15,000 suppliers.

Over 9,500 national and international trademarks from different industries such as food, fashion, retail, electronics, automotive, etc. rely upon the solutions of Netlog Logistics in any logistics requirements.

Income Distribution

Diversified business generating significant foreign exchange income

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Credit Rating

Netlog received the highest possible credit rating in 2020 according to the country limits.

Shareholding Structure

Netlog, which was founded by Mr. Sahap and Gokalp Cak in 2004, became one of the leading logistics companies in Turkey and Middle East in a short time of 16 years.

Cak family, which sold 23% of their shares to a global investment fund in 2016, rolled up their sleeves to make Netlog the largest logistics company in Turkey and the region with the support of its new partners.