Companies and Trademarks

Netlog Logistics (Parent Company)

Shareholding Rate: %100

It is the flagship trademark of the Netlog Logistics Group and is the main shareholder of all the trademarks incorporated by it. +90 (212) 622 50 90


Shareholding Rate: %85

Founded in 1862, Bleckmann is Europe’s largest company in the logistics of products belonging to the “Fashion & Lifestyle” industry. Bleckmann, which joined Netlog in 2014, provides services to the world’s leading brands across Europe with its e-commerce management, e-commerce logistics and omni-channel (multi-channel) distribution solutions. +90 (212) 622 50 90


Shareholding Rate: %100

PolarXP is the architect of the cold chain and temperature controlled logistics in Turkey. The company, which provides its customers in the catering industry with the temperature controlled transportation, storage and delivery services, is by far a leader in Turkey in its field. +90 (212) 622 50 90


Shareholding Rate: %100

NetKargo, which is the newest courier company in Turkey, carries out the home deliveries (B2C) of the products sold on e-commerce. NetKargo also manages delivery of the products sold online to the foreign buyers. +90 (212) 622 50 90


Shareholding Rate: %100

Intercombi, which is one of the largest road transportation companies of Turkey in the European, Middle Eastern and Middle Asian commercial lines, is also among the leading service providers of Turkey in the intermodal transportation services. +90 (212) 622 50 90


Shareholding Rate: %50

GreenBridge BV. headquartered in the Netherlands is an equal partnership of Netlog and Samskip, a Dutch company. GreenBridge is an intermodal train operator between Germany and Italy. +90 (212) 622 50 90

Netlog Global Forwarding

Shareholding Rate: %100

Netlog, which acquired KTT Container transportation company founded in 1987 in 1909, changed the name of the company to Netlog Global Forwarding (NGF). NGF is the largest and leading company in Turkey in the air and maritime freight services. +90 (212) 622 50 90


Shareholding Rate: %100

Kuresel, which offers any solutions on personal procurement and goods supply for HORECA and Gas Station Markets, is the leading supply logistics company in Turkey. Kuresel also acts as a distributor of the selected trademarks. +90 (212) 622 50 90


Shareholding Rate: %67

The common point of almost all of the cargo movements conducted between the logistics, manufacturing and sales points is the wood pallet, on which these products are transported. With more than 4 million one-way pallet rental services daily, Palex is the largest company in this field in Turkey. +90 (212) 622 50 90


Shareholding Rate: %100

Netistif is the rental company of the Group, which produces any solutions for requirements of all storage and stacking machines and provides a park for different vehicles and equipment such forklift trucks, warehouse equipment, etc. +90 (212) 622 50 90


Shareholding Rate: %100

NetEnerji provides its customers with any discounted fuel supply services through the branded stations. In addition, NetEnerji, which started to invest in renewable energy, makes investments in solar energy.

+90 (212) 622 50 90