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Netlog is a leading Temperature-Controlled Logistics company with industry specific services across the entire Supply Chain Cycyle.

Netlog in 2014 has managed the logistics of over 4.000.000 tons of food products across different product levels for over 460 local and global food manufacturers and brands in food sector. Managing a Daily transport of over 2.500 truck load’s with over 30.000 daily deliveries under FEFO standards is enough to define Netlog as a service provider with an indept market expertise in food sector.Netlog offers a broad range of services for different type of product categories within the food and beverage sectors, ranging from dairy to confectionery, frozen food to fresh produce. Netlog works together with its cutomers to define market peaks, forecast and manage the seasonalities to assure the availibility of product on the shelf.

International Temperature
Cotrolled Transport

Netlog offers its customers in food sector a global reach using a combination of Air, Sea, road and multimodal transport modes.
A full line of ambient and temperature controlled transport services for food industry are available for customers looking to import products from global markets or customers looking to sell their products around the world.
Netlog operates a fleet of over 1.100 reefer trailer units for cross border trucking services on top of its global air and sea freight service capabilities.

Temperature Levels

Netlog manages over 50 food grade warehouses with a storage space of over 500.000 sqm’s (+5 million SQF’s) offering solutions under general , customs bonded and temperture controlled environments. Netlog manages the product flow of over 460 customers in food sector under first expire first out (FEFO) standard covering a market of 49 countries within the EMEA Region.


Netlog is the leader in temperature control logistics services in Turkey, with Europe, Middle East and Central Asia logistics capabilities and a global service offering. Offering full temperature control visibility during the supply chain process, Netlog is the service provider of choice by over 460 local and global brands. Netlog offers dedicated temperature controlled logistics under its “PolarExpress(PolarXP)” Brand. To learn more ""

Temperature Monitoring
(During Warehousing)

Offering dedicated micro distribution services reaching out to 35.000 mom & pop and convenience stores across its region with extensive value added solutions such as Cold Selling, Shelf Replenishment and Procurement services on behalf of the brands, Netlog is a unique service provider in terms of the segments it covers within the Food sector.

Temperature Monitoring
(During Transport)

Netlog is leading transport services company for liquid bulk food and food stuff. Netlog offers specialized solutions for customers looking to move bulk products across the country and the continent.
Offering asset and non asset based solutions for transport of milk, cooking oil, cacao and starch products, Netlog currently transports over 4,500 Tons of liquid bulk food products Daily with a fleet of over 300 liquid bulk food tankers.


Netlog offers specialized solutions for food retailers as well as companies selling to these retailers. Netlog Platfom Solutions makes it easier for producers to deliver Cargo to retailers, and enables retailers to receive the already controlled Cargo faster to their shops thus cutting the delivery acceptance times down by %70.

    Netlog Platfrom Services

  • 3rd Party Platform Management
  • Vendor Management
  • Cross Docking
  • Quality control in platforms
  • Dedicated and domestic transport solutions

Value Added

Netlog offers a full range of value added services for food manufacturers and retailers, making it possible to maximize the efficiency and speed with which their supply chain operates. In addition to offering basic VAS capabilities under all temperature controlled environments Netlog is also able to add further value added services to meet the needs of its customers and adapt to their deeply customized supply chain systems. Learn more about Netlog VAS operations.

    Netlog VAS Operations

  • Barcoding(including 2D barcoding)
  • Co-packaging
  • Re-packaging
  • Product bundling
  • Kitting
  • Product modification
  • Fresh produce handling


Reverse logistics operations are as important to our customers as forward logistics operations. Netlog manages the reverse logistics operations of its customers under a different operational set up. Netlog runs dedicated service centers to handle such products which in some cases might have been in a status beyond damaged but actually gone bad.

    Services under Reverse Logistics

  • Product Re-call Services
  • Product Return Management
  • Product Grading and Seperation
  • Recycling Management


Beverage sector requires a very tight control over logistics costs. Due to the low value nature of the products(excluding alcohol products) it is imperative that the shipments are planned and delivered with most efficient routing to cutting down the over all trucking costs. Netlog works together with customers of the same nature with similar product categories and sales points to increase both vehicle utilizations and decrease cost / km /lt of delivered product by consolidating shipments under the same destination truck achieveng lower trucking costs.