Fashion & Life Style

Netlog is a leading fashion logistics service provider within Turkey and Europe. Having managed the logistics flow of over 360 million pieces of fashion products in 2014, Netlog is known for its logistics capablities in Turkey, Europe and Middle East.

Netlog offers global brands a full scope of supply chain solutions starting from the point of manufacturing in Far East and Americas until the point of delivery to the final consumer in 49 countries within Netlog’s Logistics Reach in EMEA. Netlog offers a broad range of services for different type of product categories within the fashion and life style sectors, ranging from clothing to shoes, accesories to personal gadgets. Netlog offers dedicated Fashion and Lifestyle logistics under its Bleckmann entity, the leading European Fashion logistics company founded in 1862 by Benjamin Bleckmann. To have a deeper insight on Bleckmann please visit

"We have been working with Bleckmann Logistics for over 10 years now. Their commitment to our business in Europe and professional approach has always been very positive towards us. Thank you Bleckmann for being a true solution partner of ours."

Global Logistics Director
Abercrombie & Fitch

We met Bleckmann while our logistics teams were struggling to fix the existing problems caused by our previous service provider in the middle of our season. Bleckmann's approach on our problems and the skill they had on resolving such caos madeit look easy. Which is what we like to experience."

Logistics Director

International Transport of
Fashion Products

Bleckmann offers fashion industry a global reach using a combination of air, sea, road and multimodal transport modes. A full line of transport services for both shipments in boxes or garments on hangers(GOH) are available for customers looking to source products from global markets or customers looking to sell their products around the world.
Bleckmann also offers customers fast fashion transport Management services, making it possible for brands to deploy products for sale much faster than a normal transport process.
Service speed types such as normal, express, flash and airsea options are available for customers to design the speed at which they expect to run their supply chain.


Bleckmann, manages over 26 fashion and lifestyle products dedicated warehouses with a storage space of over 350.000 sqm’s (4 million SQF’s) offering solutions under general and customs bonded environments. Bleckmann manages the product flow of over 200 global and local customers in fashion industry looking to deliver their products to a market of 49 countries within the EMEA Region. Bleckmann offers full service capabilities to its customers in fashion industry from its hubs utilizing all neccessary automated and sorting Technologies to run an efficent and cost efficient operation.
On top of its full scope service capabilities with the EMEA region, Bleckmann also supports its customers with consolidation and forward stock holding services in major countries within the Far East and Americas.

E-Commerce and

Bleckmann offers some of the best practices in the market for companies looking to develop their on-line presence as well as already active e-commerce companies. In 2014, Bleckmann has managed the deeply customized product flow of over 26.000.000 e-fulfilment orders, making it possible for its customers to reach out to 49 countries within Europe, Middle East and Central Asia.

    Bleckmann Services for E-Commerce

  • On-line sales platform development
  • Product Cataloging
  • Value Added Services
  • Pick & Pack Operations
  • Special Packaging
  • Return Goods Management
  • Forged Product Identification management
  • 4PL Carrier Management for E-Commerce Order Deliveries

4PL Carrier

Bleckmann has designed “Local Hero” service to create an alternative to the big courier delivery boys of the world. With Bleckmann’s Local Hero Service Customers are capable of managing multiple courier service providers across Europe under the same IT system while receiving the cost and speed benefit of working with some of the best local practices in the direct delivery to consumer segment .
Bleckmann has created a European wide e-commerce delivery network with some of the best local courier companies in their respective countries making it possible for its customers to manage multiple service providers in countries where they feel the global service providers are failing them.


Product Return Management are as important to our customers as forward logistics operations. Bleckmann manages the reverse logistics operations of its customers under a different operational set up. Products arereceived, corted, checked and re-processed for re sale operations. Bleckmann also runs a specail operation to manage the forged product returns to assure customers that the returned goods are actual originals and not fake products, which would require Bleckmann to process under a seperate Management process.

    Services under Return Management

  • Product Collection from Retailers
  • Product Return Management
  • Product Sorting
  • Product processing
  • Forged Product Identification and extermination

Value Added

Bleckmann offers a full range of value added services for all players within the fashion industry, making it possible to maximize the efficiency and speed with which their supply chain operates. In addition to offering basic VAS capabilities under its state of the art storage facilities, Bleckmann is also able to add further value added services to meet the needs of its customers and adapt to their deeply customized supply chain systems. Learn more about Netlog VAS operations.

    Netlog VAS Operations for Fashion Industry

  • Barcoding
  • Alarm Tagging
  • Steaming
  • Ironing
  • Minor Product Repair
  • Personalization
  • Returned Product Re-Processing
  • High Value Storage
  • Forged Product Identification and extermination

High Street Store and
Mall Distribution

Bleckmann is a leading service provider when it comes to delivering customer products to High Street stores and Shopping Malls across Europe. Runing a specially designed transport Management system for delivery planning as well as managing a European wide distribution network of its own, also with a partial ownership in the leading european fashion distribution network for garments on hangers, Bleckmann is one of the very few logistics service providers capable of managing the delivery of products to retail shops through out Europe.